Thursday, March 27, 2008

Three “Must Do’s” Before Cooking with Grilling Planks

Grilling planks come in a wide variety of unique flavors. They also provide a unique way of grilling that was brought to us by the Native Americans a long time ago when they used to roast their food on open fire pits.

Today, getting that smoky flavor is as simple as pairing the right Gourmet Grilling plank with your favorite food. While the most difficult part of using a gourmet grilling plank is deciding what to grill first, to get the most out of your grilling planks for long life and great smoked flavor there are three things you must do when cooking with gourmet grilling planks.

#1 Soak the grilling plank for at least one hour to add moisture to the wood and resist burning. To spice up the flavors add salt to the water. You can also add one cup dry white wine, apple cider, citrus or berry juice for more flavor. The temperature on your grill should be around 325-450 degrees depending on the recipe. Each grilling plank comes with its own set of instructions and recipes.

#2 Place the prepared planks on the grill and heat for two minutes with the lid shut. Once the plank begins to crackle, you are ready to start cooking with your new grill planks. Place the food on top of the grill planks. The grill planks will give your food the great smoky flavor you have always longed for.

#3 When you are finished grilling be sure to place the grilling plank in a container full of water. To clean up the plank of any debris or food use a mild soap and scrub gently with a cloth. This will keep the plank from re-igniting and helps to extend the life of your planks.

Now comes the tough part…deciding what you’re going to cook next with your gourmet grilling plank! Enjoy! Find the best grilling planks at .

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Mini Aero Garden

The mini aero garden is an incredible way to have home grown herbs, spices or vegetables without taking up much space. It can deliver home grown vegetables and spices all year long right from your own kitchen counter.

Imagine being able to pluck fresh basil from your indoor garden to season your famous spaghetti sauce. Are you in the mood for a salad? Just walk over to your AeroGarden and harvest as much or as little fresh lettuce as you’d like to eat. Do you enjoy having fresh flowers in your home? The Mini AeroGarden gives you year round fresh flowers. Imagine fresh mini roses on your table every day!

The Mini AeroGarden is smaller than the Classic AeroGarden. Just like the Classic AeroGarden there are no weeds to deal with, no pesticides, herbicides, no mess and perfect for those who live in condos or apartments. You don’t need to be a farmer to have these fresh home grown spices and vegetables all year long. No green thumb is required and it is even 100% guaranteed by the manufacturer.

The aero garden has the latest plug and grow technology and is almost fool proof. It even reminds you when it is time to add water and nutrients. There are organic-based time released nutrient tablets for healthier plants.

It also works great as a seed starter for those who do have a green thumb and enjoy having an outdoor garden. The aero garden uses NASA tested aeroponic technology to grow plants faster and more reliably than with any other method. The system automatically turns the grow lights on and off. The aero garden uses microprocessor controlled adaptive growth intelligence to monitor the plants natural growth cycles from seed germination to the advanced growth cycle. It comes in a unique and stylish black and stainless steel finish that will give your home something to talk about and enjoy for many years to come.

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