Thursday, December 18, 2008

Uncommon Wine Tours Make Great Holiday Gifts

We all think of Napa and Sonoma as the consummate in the wine cellar experience. However, you needn't travel far to find a unique tasting experience. Excellent grapes may be growing in your own backyard. Here are a few of the unusual winery experiences available to you.

The good life: Cruise Tour of California Wine Country
Enjoy evening views of San Francisco's city lights as you float past the city of love aboard your small cruise ship. But don't leave your heart there because you'll cruise far up the Napa River where the next day you'll be escorted to frequent tastings. You'll savor premier Cabernet Sauvignons, Cabernet Francs, Pinot Noirs as well as reserve bruts from the best known wineries in California. With wine experts on board, CruiseWest offers wine country tours that make your getaway memorable for years to come

Before you sail, check out My Secret Pantry's Deluxe Wine Cellar/Cooler 7 Bottle Capacity. The Bon Jour™ Seven Bottle Wine Cooler is designed to keep wines at the perfect serving temperature. Featuring stainless steel door panels and thermoelectric convection cooling system, temperature is controlled by dual fans that circulate air for even cooling of the irresistible wine from your wine country cruise.

Wine tasting in the Great White North?
On any given Sunday you can get away from the bustling city of Toronto with a SUNDAY BRUNCH ESCAPE. Your personal tour guide whisks you off to hidden wineries that you are sure to enjoy. Next choose from a delicious brunch at Queenston Heights Restaurant located on top of the Niagara Escarpment or a romantic brunch at the famous Betty Restaurant in Niagara Falls. After brunch you travel to two more award-winning wineries in Niagara Wine Country for private wine tasting before departing. Sip, swirl and savor!

Romantic Train Ride through Canadian Vineyards
The SUNDAY BRUNCH ESCAPE package is also available by train from Toronto. Opt to return to Toronto via romantic rail. When you get back home with your favorite bottles, make sure you have the Wine Saver HOME® Wine Preservation System set up and waiting. The Wine Saver HOME® is the first multi-bottle preserve-and-serve wine system that will dispense wine at its peak freshness—ensuring the integrity of your wine for weeks at a time using Argon gas.

Ride the Iowa Wine Trail
The Iowa Wine Trail In the upper Mississippi valley wine region, celebrates November Holiday Wine & Food with tickets for $20 dollars per day. Good for either Saturday or Sunday and provide access to as many as five wineries on one of the weekend days. Sip wines such as the White Schoolhouse, a crisp refreshing white stirring up memories of lemon custard and finishing on subtle sweet peach and tangerine notes. Or stop at Two Saints Winery where they believe that wine is good for the soul.

And although Iowa is no where near the balmy islands, don't forget to pack your Picnic at Ascot Bahamas Sunset Wine Carrier, a state-of-the-art Thermal Shield™ insulation cooler that keeps your wine at the perfect temperature. The wine glass compartment is perfect to hold a second bottle of your favorite Iowan wine.

Virginia: The "I Love Lucy Wine Experience"
A happy weekend escape from Washington DC, this may be our favorite Uncommon Wine Tour. You may add it on to any Virginia Wine Country Tour group package. Remember that classic scene when Lucy crawls into a wine barrel to crush grapes? Now you can too! Take off your shoes, climb into the wine barrel and learn the art of crushing grapes between your toes. Stock up now on the "Wine Away Red Stain Remover."

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