Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Enhance the Tastes of the Season with Natural Rubs and Seasonings

It's easy to put a modern twist on traditional foods with today's natural rubs and seasonings. Gather your friends and family around the table to enjoy the special foods that the season affords.

1.) A New Twist for Squashes
Fresh white squash, zucchini or acorn squash are sensational when grilled or baked, and taste even more fabulous when rubbed with Nantucket Off-Shore Garden Rub 1.0 oz Tin —a minty Mediterranean mélange flecked with fennel and red pepper.

2.) Carmel Apple in a Cup: the New Apple Cider
Caramel is the perfect flavor partner for autumn's apple cider. With Minglir's Flavored Drink Sticks Caramel 30 per container, you simply stir in the caramel flavor-coated stick allowing the seasoning to melt into your cup of cider. No mess, no fat, and no added sugar. Just a perfect apple cider. Be sure to taste your beverage once or twice as you stir to control the level of flavoring. Once the taste is just right, discard the Minglir caramel flavoring stick.

3.) The Unexpected Turkey
A succulent roast turkey is always a favorite for the hoidays. But why not spice up Grandma's recipe with Big Acres® Perfect Poultry Spice & Rub? This aromatic blend is a perfect compliment to your turkey, duck, Cornish game hens, chicken or quail… and veggies too!

4.) Wild Game and Poultry
A successful hunting season means fun sauces, stews and rustic country roasts. The Mediterranean Coast Gift Pack contains the Tuscan Villa rub which blends herbs of the region and adds tremendous flavor to your wild game, or use as a dry rub on pork roasts or poultry.

5.) Football Fest Favorite: Buffalo Wings made Easy
With Flavor Magic Zesty Buffalo Wing Seasoning Sheets -- not only can you bring this legendary dish home -- but now you can trim the fat while enhancing the entire flavor. Try it with chicken tenders, pork or shrimp, for a low-fat, no fuss alternative to common wings. Or, turn an ordinary hamburger into a Buffalo Burger with no effort.

All-natural, aged red pepper is the secret ingredient and the favor is authentic and vibrant… with just the right amount of heat. Simply lay the seasoning sheet on a plate, place your wings on the sheet, wrap and refrigerate for 20 minutes. Then grill, broil or bake! 12 sheets per package.

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