Friday, February 22, 2008

Learn How To Create Mouth Watering Pulled Pork

Looking for a way to create mouth watering pulled pork? American favorite, pulled pork is a dish that differs by region. Folks from Tennessee and Texas each have their own recipes and ask someone in South Carolina and you’ll get an entirely different version. And the Hawaiian version is something to be experienced. One thing is certain, the foundation for pulled pork starts with a good cut of meat.

The foundation, the essence of pulled pork is a good boneless pork shoulder or butt roast. The butt roast is actually the upper part of the pork shoulder; the lower portion is called the picnic. A pork butt generally weighs between six and ten pounds. When visiting your butcher it is helpful to know that the pork butt can also be called:

• Boston shoulder roast
• Boston roast
• Boston butt
• Shoulder butt
• Shoulder blade roast

Experts recommend choosing a cut that has a smooth, firm, white fat cap and a good amount of fat marbling. Ideally the meat will be a reddish-pink color.

So how is pulled pork prepared?

While sauce and seasonings vary by local, the pork is cooked the same. Place pork in a slow cooker with preferred sauce and seasonings.

Hawaiian Pulled pork is created with liquid smoke and Hawaiian salt. Try the Hawaiian Island Seasonings for an authentic taste.

Tennessee Pulled pork is made with straightforward tangy BBQ sauce. Try Big Acres Rich and Mild BBQ sauce or if you like it extra spicy try Big Acres Hot and Spicy BBQ sauce. A large variety of spices and BBQ sauces can be found at My Secret Pantry.

Cooking time will vary by the weight of the roast. However it generally takes between six and ten hours to cook. You know it’s done when you can reach into the pot with two forks and pull the pork into shreds. When you can do this, remove the roast from the cooker and pull it into shreds. The shredded meat will be returned to the sauce and combined. Now it’s ready to eat! Grab a bun and your favorite sides and you have a meal fit for royalty!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Learn How To Smoke Your Own Meat Quickly And Easily

Looking for that unique flavor that only smoked meat can provide? Ever considered smoking your own meat? While it seems like a task best left for experts and certainly not a winter activity, smoking bags make it easy for even the most novice chefs.

Smoker bags make it easy for you to have the delicious flavor of smoked meats and the convenience of your home kitchen; in fact you can make it in your own oven. They don’t use any chemicals or sticky messy glues. All you need is an oven or grill, your favorite meat and an Alder Smoker Bag.

With bags for vegetables and every meat including; fish, pork, chicken, and beef, simply place your meat or vegetable of choice into the bag. Fold the bag tightly and place in your oven on a cooking sheet or tray. As the meat cooks the bag will rise about ten to fifteen inches. Once your meat has cooked the appropriate amount of time, time and temperature vary depending on the meat and directions that are on the bag. Remove the bag from the oven. Don’t cut the bag open. Let the bag remain sealed for about ten minutes to let the smoke permeate the meat.

Now it’s time to cut the bag open – stand back and watch out for steam. The bag will be hot! The food will be ready to eat, however if you like your meat to be crispy on top, place it back into the oven until browned.

Prefer a more outdoor cooking experience? Place your smoker bag on a hot grill. The cooking process is the same and the result is just as delicious. And for those who are short on time and are looking for a simple one step process, meat, potatoes and vegetables can all be placed into one bag for a complete meal that is both nutritious and delicious.

A full variety of smoker bags can be found at My Secret