Friday, June 20, 2008

Benefits of an Auto Can Opener

Has this ever happened to you? You’re making spaghetti sauce or chili and opening multiple cans when you slice your finger on the sharp edges of the lid or inside the can? Your sauce is happily bubbling away while you’re running around the house looking for a band aid or heading to the hospital for stitches.What about losing the lid inside the can? Why are those darned things so hard to fish out? And we’ve all pulled out the can opener and cringed at the crud which seems to gather on the mechanism. Do you really want that touching your food, probably not.

Good news…you don’t have to anymore. The Automatic Lid Lifter by Kuhn Rikon makes opening cans effortless- unlike other can openers that can be difficult to start, this inventive design automatically attaches itself to cans, and with a few simple turns, removes the entire lid leaving no dangerous sharp edges. When you're done, you press down on the white button to close the jaw on the lid for convenient hands free disposal- simply release when you're ready to drop it into the recycle bin. The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use. The exclusive Lid Gripper safely and easily removes lids, leaving a smooth edge that is suitable for resealing with a plastic lid (dog and cat food cans, coffee cans). It’s known by some as "touchless" because your hands never need touch the lid – no more cuts or messy fingers.

The Auto Safety Lidlifter from Kuhn Rikon is truly a revolutionary approach to lid removal. This deluxe can opener has a one-piece polymer handle design and an ingenious mechanism that automatically clamps the cutting head to the can's edge. This unique can opener leaves no sharp edges on either the lid or the can. By cutting the middle of the top rim sharp edges are eliminated. It attaches to the can automatically and actually cuts through the outside of the lid rim itself.

The Swiss-made Kuhn Rikon remains totally clean because it never touches the food. Recycling is breeze, no more sharp edges or dirty lids. Place on top of the can with two half circles lined up with rim and knob pointing 10 minutes to 12 o'clock. Twist knob clockwise. At 3 o'clock, the LidLifter will automatically grip the lid and begin to cut. After a full circle around the edge of the can, you will feel less resistance and the can is open. This amazing tool makes opening cans quick, clean, easy and safe.

It makes an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys cooking and makes a great addition to a newlywed starter gift or bridal shower basket. Of course, you won’t be able to resist getting one for yourself too! Find fun and top-of-the-line kitchen utensils at My Secret Pantry today!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Unbelievable Swiss Peeler

Whether a beginning cook or an experienced chef a good peeler is an indispensable tool. It’s one of the most used and necessary staples in any kitchen. The wonderful Swiss Peeler by Kuhn Rikon is hands down the one that stands above all the others.

A best seller for over twenty years the original Swiss Peeler is the best vegetable peeler on the planet! The peeler features an incredibly sharp carbon steel blade, and is designed for right or left-handed use. There’s even a potato eye cutter. To add to the sleek functional design the peeler is offered in a variety of vivid colors.

“A good peeler is an essential tool, and luckily you don’t have to pay a premium for it…Made for right – and left handed use, has a high impact plastic handle and works better than any other fancy peeler out there.” praised a reviewer from Real Simple Magazine.

Other brands of peelers can have a tendency to become rusty and have a rigid quality making it difficult to attach and move smoothly on any food. The Swiss Peeler’s incredibly sharp carbon steel blade provides great traction – it digs into food without slipping so you can work quickly and effortlessly. The cut is smooth and the peel is broad and thin, resulting in little waste. It’s great at peeling even thick-skinned vegetables like butternut squash.

So comfortable to hold in your hand, this great peeler makes jobs like peeling potatoes, apples and other fruits and vegetables so effortless. The molded plastic handle offers a secure grip, even when your hands are wet. A circular cutter removes eyes from potatoes and the carbon-steel blade is perfectly designed to stay sharp.

Many of the other peelers on the market are either too thin and poorly made or far too large and clunky to handle and use efficiently. The Swiss Peeler is perfectly designed and built – with great style and incredible function.

Small and light it even tackles hard jobs like winter squash. To use the peeler you simply place the peeler on top of the vegetable and pull. The razor-sharp swivel blade closely follows the contours of even the thickest skin vegetable. And far easier than a paring knife is the very handy potato-eye cutter.

Not only is this peeler tops for peeling fruits and vegetables but is known to make beautiful chocolate curls! Every aspiring chef must have this easy to use and professional quality peeler as a kitchen staple. My Secret Pantry carries a large variety of colors, get one today!