Saturday, May 24, 2008

Plan a Perfect Boating Picnic

It just isn’t a warm weather season without spending some time outdoors. Fresh air and sunlight make for a cozy afternoon for two or a fun getaway for the family. Visit your favorite lake or spend an afternoon cruising on your boat. To top it all off, plan the perfect picnic.

Picnicking on water poses unique challenges. While it’s okay to chase paper napkins on land, they become an instant water hazard should they blow off the boat. Therefore it’s best to picnic with cloth napkins and store food in heavier containers. Another challenge to picnickers with smaller boats is that there are no means for cooking food. An ideal picnic on the water may be cold fried chicken and a variety of cold salads.

That being said, boating can bring out the romantic side of people. A picnic basket stocked with wine, smoked salmon, fruit, and cheese may be the ideal solution.

While a traditional wooden picnic basket may be perfect for a park picnic, a cooler on wheels may be a better solution for boating. They’re durable and many picnicking coolers come complete with wine storage and a variety of compartments. If you’re prone to forgetting to bring a blanket – it’s taken care of with the Picnic Time Pioneer Driftwood Basket, which comes complete with a blanket included. It also comes with utensils, plates, napkins, cutting board, cheese knife, wine glasses, salt and pepper shakers, and corkscrew.

The Picnic Time Excursion Picnic Trolley comes complete with service for two or four. The insulated cooler compartment is divided so the cold items stay cold and the other items stay dry. The cooler wouldn’t be complete without the accessories. Everything is included as above except the blanket. Don’t forget yours!

A relaxing afternoon picnic deserves a delicious meal. Be sure to cook all of your food ahead of time and package it in reusable containers for easy handling and serving. Pulled pork barbeque sandwiches with a kicked up Barbecue Sauce like Big Acres Mango Peach Chili BBQ Sauce will make for a spectacular meal.

Your drink preference depends on who is attending the picnic. For a loving couple, a bottle of wine is the order of the day. A bottle of soda or some bottled water will wet the whistles for your family picnic. With the insulated coolers, they will stay cool while you feed the ducks in the lake or lie on the boat deck and enjoy the rays. While it may be true that there’s nothing better than a day on the water - your day will be enhanced with the right picnic equipment. Combined, they make for a perfect summer day.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Microbreweries have taken the nation by storm. From coast to coast you can find a good mircrobrewery in just about every town. This trend of small time brewing has given folks a taste for freshly poured beer at home. If you’re among those who enjoy fresh draft beer taste, the Krups Beer Tender is made for you.

Not only does the Beer Tender pour a perfect draft, the design is sleek and attractive. The Beer Tender is perfect for a Heineken DraughtKeg – a five liter keg which pours about 14 twelve ounce beers. Reminiscent of a tap you would see in a fancy well-known pub. Now, it’s in your home and being ogled by your guests. Better yet, it is pouring fresh, cold, draft beer for you and your guests.

With this beer dispenser each glass is a perfect glass of Heineken beer. According to Heineken, the perfect pour of a Heineken beer is when the foam head lines up with the horizontal line of the red star on a Heineken glass. That type of precision can occur if you have the Krups Beer Tender on board.

The digital display lets you know when the draught beer has reached the exact temperature for serving. A keg beer is served cold. The overflow of the head is skimmed to seal in the carbonation and the flavor. If the beer gets too warm, the sensors within the beer dispenser will let you know.

The beer dispenser will rival home microbreweries. Fine beer connoisseurs often learn to brew their own beers to share with their friends and family. One big difference is the ease of the process of beer dispensing. The Beer Tender dispenses beer from a keg that fits into the dispenser. Even cooling provides a beer that is as tasty and full of flavor with the last glass as it was with the first.

Microbreweries are also full of flavor but require a bit more work. Microbrewed beers are served at room temperature. They have little to no head which allows the drinker a full-bodied taste from the first sip. Home brewers can experiment with different ingredients to flavor their beer.

If you’re planning for a party, you’ll need to begin your home brew at least a week in advance to be sure the beer is ready. With Krups Beer Tender, just pop a new keg in the chamber and you are ready to go. It couldn’t be simpler to get great tasting beer any time you want. Get a delicious beer fast and consistently good, invest in the Krups Beer Tender. Your guests will thank you.

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