Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What are the benefits of using the Jura-Capresso Coffee Maker vs. the standard coffee maker?

Standing in your kitchen at 6:00 in the morning making coffee is not likely on the top of your favorite things to do list. Separate the filters, measuring the coffee, and praying that it isn’t too strong or worse too weak is not a challenge that many desire first thing in the morning.

Fortunately, someone solved the problem. Imagine getting up in the morning, pushing a button and getting the perfect cup of coffee every single time. Jura-Capresso Coffee Therm Coffee Maker grinds your beans and brews your coffee based on your personal preferences. Simply program your preferences and go. You program the amount of coffee you want to grind, anywhere from 2 to 10 cups and then you choose how strong you like your coffee. The Jura-Capresso does the rest. No paper filters to deal with, the Jura-Capresso comes with a gold tone filter. You also don’t taste the chlorine in your water because this coffee maker has a built in charcoal filter that removes it. When was the last time you could keep a pot of coffee warm for four hours? The Therm coffee maker has a stainless steel thermal vacuum carafe and it doesn’t drip like most coffee pots do.

The last advantage that the Jura-Capresso has over standard coffee makers, it looks gorgeous on your counter top. The high gloss finish is easy to clean and stays shiny. The sleek design fits into any décor. Not to mention the Jura-Capresso coffee makers have concealed cord storage. No more unsightly tangled cords on your counter. The Jura-Capresso line of coffee makers means no more messy filters or grinding your beans yourself, no more bad tasting coffee and no more ugly coffee pot on your counter. Getting up in the morning is looking a lot brighter. is your one stop shop for the Jura-Capresso line.

Friday, October 12, 2007

There’s nothing better than a rich cup of hot chocolate on a cold, gray winter day. But did you know that all cups of hot chocolate are not equal? It’s true. There’s a big difference between a packet of store bought powder mixed with a cup of hot water and hot chocolate like your grandmother used to make. You remember, the kind of hot cocoa that made you grateful to be a kid and that still can make you smile.

That kind of feeling can be replicated with a ceramic hot chocolate maker. These handy little pots heat your milk to just the right temperature. To top it off, they come with a hand mixer so you can whip that chocolaty goodness into a delicious creamy froth.

Only one thing could make your hot cocoa any better – a deluxe hot cocoa mix like McSteven’s Premium Creamy Chocolate Cocoa or their Double Chocolate Cocoa. Premium cocoa generally offers cocoa that has a high chocolate content and are free of tropical oils are usually 99% caffeine free.

Imagine your next cup of hot chocolate, warm mug in your hands, steaming creamy goodness topped with the perfect amount of chocolaty foam. There’s only one question left to ask, do you top it with whip cream and chocolate sprinkles?

Before winter hits and those cold days start keeping you indoors, stock up on hot chocolate goodies from My Secret Pantry so you can have a premium cup of chocolate whenever the mood grabs you. Grab a hot chocolate maker, a comfortable mug, and a tin, or two, of premium hot cocoa and soon you’ll be in hot chocolate bliss.